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The Universal Machine

It's 1927. Young Alan Turing is at school developing the work of Einstein and Newton while doing anything to get out of PE.

It's 1942. Newly engaged Alan Turing has done the impossible and broken the Nazi Naval Enigma Machine and secured the Battle of the Atlantic for the Allied Forces.

It's 1954. After being arrested, Alan Turing is found dead at his home next to a half-eaten apple laced with cyanide.

The Universal Machine tells Alan Turing's dense life story from his school days at Sherbourne, his time at the infamous Station X at Bletchley Park during World War Two, and his arrest for homosexuality and tragic death. This complex re-examination of Alan's life and work tells the story of a man who could make machines think but struggled to make connections with those around him.

The Universal Machine performed at New Diorama Theatre, London.

David Byrne
Writer and Director
Dom Brennan Composer & Lyrics
Rich Rusk
Movement Director
Natalie York Assistant Director
Sophie Wallis Producer
Suzie Foster Company Stage Manager
Patrick Stockbridge Musical Director
Catherine Webb Lighting Designer
Ben Walden Projection Design
Richard Delaney Performer
Judith Paris Performer
Leah Milner Performer
Cecilia Colby Performer
Andy McLeod Performer
Phillipa Hogg Perfomer

✭✭✭✭ "Teriffically staged"

"A dynamic and imaginative production"
Time Out

Supported By Arts Council England, Royal Victoria Halls Foundation, Bletchely Park, Y! Touring and New Diorama Theatre.




The Dark Room

Inspired by Brecht's Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui, The Dark Room transposed the world of underworld gansters to a modern secondary school and followed new girl Ruth as she knocks her classmates out the way one-by-one.

Using projection, screens and desks on wheels along with a rock soundtrack, Dark Room played to sold-out houses the production was nominated for Best Direction at the Off West End Awards.

The Dark Room performed at New Diorama Theatre, London.

David Byrne
Writer and Director
Dom Brennan Composer
Ed Cobbold
Hannah Duncan Performer
Andy McLeod Performer
Madeleine MacMahon Performer
Phil McDonnell Composer
Leah Milner Producer and Performer
Catherine Webb Lighting Designer
Natalie York Performer

✭✭✭✭✭ "A superb achievement of acting, execution, set design and direction"

✭✭✭✭ "A unique vision of how theatre can not only dazzle us but also stretches our theatre-going experience into another dimension." WhatCulture

"Grade A comic timing. Fresh, frentic and very funny".
Time Out (Critics Choice)