Emerging India

a new comedy almost entirely not about Stanley Kubrick

Alan Conway: failed businessman and unsuccessful homosexual decides his life might improve if he just tells people he's award-winning film director Stanley Kubrick.

What could possibly go wrong?

Frenetic, funny, absurd, unnecessary, stupid, unbelievable (and totally true) – Kubrick³ delights in the complexities of a compulsive fantasist in this ridiculous comic play.

Winner: 2013 Les Enfants Terribles Award.

David Byrne Writer/Director
Kate Baiden Assistant Director
Leah Milner Performer
Andy McLeod Performer
Madeleine MacMahon Performer
Ed Cobbold Performer
Sophie Wallis Performer

Produced by New Diorama Theatre, Greenwich Theatre and Fraser-Cannon Productions.






Where Can I See It?

Wednesday 31st July - Monday 26th August, 2013
Pleasance Two, Pleasance Courtyard @ 19:10

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